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Animal Lovers All Over the Globe

Joining & Submitting

Welcome to AnimalsofTheWorld!


If you're an animal lover, this is the place to be! Joining is quick and automatic. Submit your traditional or digital artwork to gain exposure or show off your photography to our 3,000+ members.

***We are not an elitist group, and welcome artists and photographers at all skill levels. However, we do have some standards, as not everything is accepted here. Please see the rules about submissions below. If you're unsure about the rules of this group, don't hesitate to note the Founder or any of the admin team.***

Submissions to Our Gallery

Currently members can submit 2 deviations per folder, each week.
We hope you try to pick your best work when submitting.

:star: NEW :star:
Submissions to the "donors" folder by anyone other than a donor to our group will be automatically declined.

What we will DECLINE:
:bulletpurple: Anything with humans showing and that includes faces, fingers, toes, etc. If a human is waaay in the background and barely distinguishable we may make an exception.
:bulletpurple: Any photos that are blurry, soft, or show poor focus.
:bulletpurple: Any photo which is under or over exposed. Occasionally we make exceptions if the overall composition is still good.
:bulletpurple: Anything which is a snapshot, photos must show that at least a little thought was put into it before taking the shot. We'd also prefer you do not submit similar photos of the same animal.
:bulletpurple: Anything with DA Watermarks!! For personal signatures please make sure they are not too large or distracting.
:bulletpurple: Anything with cage bars showing in FRONT of the animal. We are OK with bars behind the animal or faded into the background.
:bulletpurple: Anything showing gory or bloody images including dead animals or carcasses, any animal abuse, any photos or art of a sexual nature (in other words no mature content), and any vulgarity. We want to remain a nice, clean group for animal lovers.
:bulletpurple: Anything subitted to the wrong folder. We will let you know and ask you to submit to the correct folder.

If you would like to know why your submission was declined, simply ask us and we would be glad to explain. We offer only friendly, constructive criticism!

Please note that our admin team will decline at their discretion and it should not be taken personally. It should also serve as positive encouragement for you to improve your skills!

Read Group Rules People by sugarpoultry

Submissions to Featured

Our Featured folder is closed to submissions and will be used for our monthly journal Features. The admin will choose their favorite photos or artwork based on the criteria below each month, and then those submissions will be moved to Featured. :)

Here are some of the things we look for in our Featured works:

:bulletpurple: Clear, well-composed, and interesting.
:bulletpurple: Well-timed, exquisitely posed, beautifully captured with color, etc.

:bulletpurple: Super realism, fine skills with details, and correct anatomy.
:bulletpurple: Great coloring abilities with awesome backgrounds.

Artisan crafts, jewelry, clothing, etc

:bulletpurple: Anything particularly interesting or unique will usually capture our attention. Opinions of crafts and other types of hand-made items can vary greatly so it really depends on the views of each admin. But there is serious talent out there, wow! Even this becomes hard to choose. :D

Suggesting Favourites

Don't forget to suggest faves! If you see a nice photo or artwork, feel free to submit it to the group, either into our favourites or straight to the gallery. They only have to approve the request and it will be added.

:heart: :heart: Wanna spread some happiness by Nameda :heart: :heart:

Submission of the Month: June 

18 deviants said My sweet ragdoll by whiteeyedhusky
14 deviants said Backward Glance by artistwilder
14 deviants said In the morning.. by dorolain
13 deviants said Nymphadora on the run by Pebels
11 deviants said Two Buddies by Jaylynessa
11 deviants said The prowl by wolf-minori
7 deviants said Mist by ChristinaMandy
7 deviants said Tiny Spider by BokehLight
2 deviants said Hund im Koerbchen by KunsTraeume
No deviants said OWL FRAMEWORK by MassoGeppetto



Our fellow affiliates! They are all wonderful and deserve a look. ;) Affiliates must have something to do with animals and have no mature or vulgar content.

Donate Points

Our SUPER GROUP status is BACK! :la: But you can still donate points towards future contests or to become a VIP member and get special benefits with your name added to our VIP members folder!


to go straight to my personal profile, where you can donate. Unless you choose to be anonymous, your generosity will be listed and recognized! We will add your name to our special "VIP members" folder! WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO USE THIS FOLDER IT IS OPEN TO MEMBERS AND NON-MEMBERS ALIKE WHO HAVE DONATED POINTS.



A wonderful person dedicated to animals is part of something called "The Shelter Project" and you can help to support her cause by purchasing prints from her gallery. The deviant is TeaPhotography and the folder is labeled "The Shelter Project- Cats and Dogs", which has all of the available prints for sale. The funds go to support The South Coast Humane Society. For more information go here.

"Tea" is also the Founder of :iconunframed-nature:, an awesome animal-loving group and affiliate that's been around a long time!

You can donate points to help out the group here.

Undiscovered AoTW!

Sat Jul 12, 2014, 3:53 PM by tanikel:icontanikel:
Skin by CypherVisor

Welcome to the first round of undiscovered features!  Once a month, we'll present one of our members that has less than 3,000 page views followed by a collection of deviations that have less than 500 views and/or 20 comments.  This is a work in progress, so if you have any ideas for the next one, let us know.  :nod: We highly encourage you guy to check them out and leave a message on these undiscovered gems.  Who knows?  Maybe you could be next!

AoTW's first undiscovered member is:

In Focus by tuAlly  Western Lowland Gorilla by tuAlly   Siberian Eagle Owl by tuAlly

Spread some love to these deviations - they deserve it!

Yummy by freedragonfly  Wreathed Hornbill by DarthIndy  Orca Painting by CieraEdwards
Aquarell Cat by whitecrestwaves  Indian Rhino by Kayosa  Green Eyes Cat by dingo-murci  Picture number 1 / Ferrets like in wildlife by 1ShiningMoon
Little Ball of Fur by little-billie  Fast Forward Slow Loris by yolque  Mr. MJ McWhiskers by dawgart
Leopard Gecko From Space by CustomExotics  lynx by DoomVolya  Gray Treefrog by Blue-Radiance  Veiltail by TheShadowEmpress
dragonfly on the spike by fot-ciosek  Dollar Origami Sea Turtle v3 by craigfoldsfives  Horseshoe Crab by SlateGray

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