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A wonderful person dedicated to animals is part of something called "The Shelter Project" and you can help to support her cause by purchasing prints from her gallery. The deviant is TeaPhotography and the folder is labeled "The Shelter Project- Cats and Dogs", which has all of the available prints for sale. The funds go to support The South Coast Humane Society. For more information go here.

"Tea" is also the Founder of :iconunframed-nature:, an awesome animal-loving group and affiliate that's been around a long time!

You can donate points to help out the group here.
Skin by CypherVisor

Today we have a really special interview. Shortwinger works with an amazing breed of dogs called Wolfdogs. Shortwinger took the time to talk with us to bring awareness to this breed and help us all learn a little bit more about the dogs and why it's important to spread the word about them.
We also got the chance to sit down with a follow Wolfdog ambassador InaWolfsimage. Head over to our Affiliate group, PetPicks for her interview and learn even more about these amazing animals.

Babou-Shka How did you come to know about Wolfdogs?
Shortwinger I’m a huge animal lover so I researched them briefly and came to know about them from that.

Damu Sees A Squirrel 1 by Shortwinger

Babou-Shka What is your first memory of wolfdogs and your favorite moment with them?
Shortwinger  My first memory of them was when I was really little and we were in Old Town Sacramento where they had several Wolf-Dogs that were Wolf Ambassadors. I have a vague memory of them all wanting to lick everyone! My favorite moment with them has got to the first time I handled Cael. Even though it ended pretty sour with me being dragged down the hill, being able to hold that leash was a totally awesome experience.

Really? by Shortwinger

WindInTheCoffeeCup Why do you think preserving this breed is important?
Shortwinger  My main fight is for preserving Wolves in the wild, and protecting Wolf-Dogs (And Wolves) in shelters or abusive homes. Its not fair for us to be hunting their wild cousins to extinction, or for us to abuse them and put them down just because we don’t like them.

Revy and Damu 1 by Shortwinger

WindInTheCoffeeCup How did you first get involved with your Wolfdog organization?
Shortwinger  Funny story, I watched “Dances With Wolves” the night before I met Damu and Cael. At the end (Spoiler) they kill the wolf Two Socks. Being the animal lover I am, I got very angry. Twelve hours later, I was hugging Damu. What are the odds? I then met up with them again, and again, and again, and here we are three months later!

Cael 49 by Shortwinger

WindInTheCoffeeCup What's your favorite thing about the Wolfdogs you work with?
Shortwinger  Their personalities! Damu is just such a goof, always something new and goofy with him, so much fun to just be around. He jumps up and licks me, and rubs on me (His way of telling other Wolves and Wolf-Dogs that I’m apart of his pack) and is just in general a great dog. With Cael, being able to watch him grow, and help him along on his healing process from being abused is just such a great feeling. He comes to me for protection and reassurance, and its just so great to know that an animal that was abused can still love and trust someone so much.

Cael 45 by Shortwinger

WindInTheCoffeeCup Can you tell us about the Wolfdogs you work with?
Shortwinger  Why yes! Damu is a two year old Wolf-Dog, he is 85% Wolf and 15% Dog, he’s a big ol’ mutt, he has three breeds in him. 5% Husky, 5% Malamute, and 5% Great Pyrenees! He’s basically an eternal puppy and loves almost everyone he meets, he always has a big goofy smile on his face and is as happy-go-lucky as you’ll ever see!
Cael is going to be a year old in May and is 95% Arctic Wolf and 5% Giant Malamute. Due to the Giant Malamute in his blood, as well as because his parents are huge, we expect by the time he’s two years old he’ll be a 3rd larger than Damu, at about 32-34 inches at the shoulder and 115 pounds! Sadly, at 2 months old he was abused by a male vet tech and suffered some damage to a membrane in one of his eyes (Its still swollen) and a lot of emotional damage causing him to be afraid of men. But he’s made a lot of progress and sometimes we all forget that he was ever abused because he’s starting to act more and more like Damu with people!
Although the two boys themselves are not related, their relatives can be seen on Twilight, True Blood, Once Upon a Time, Game of Thrones, and Narnia, and can be seen in the San Diego Zoo! (If I am correct, Cael’s relatives are on GoT, Once Upon a Time, and are in the Zoo, while Damu’s are in Twilight, Narnia, and Trueblood.)

Cael 42 by Shortwinger

WindInTheCoffeeCup How long have you worked with Damu and Cael?
Shortwinger  It will have been four months on April 26th.

Cael 41 by Shortwinger

WindInTheCoffeeCup What are you having to do to get your own Wolfdogs?
Shortwinger I am working almost daily with Damu and Cael to prepare myself for the things that can go wrong and what to do then. Learning how to educate and learning as much as I possibly can. I’m also going to be bottle feeding Wolf-Dog puppies next year to learn about puppy care.

Damu 49 by Shortwinger

WindInTheCoffeeCup What do you think are something that's important to know about Wolfdogs?
Shortwinger  They do not act like dogs. They are a domestic dog breed, but these guys (And wolves) would rather jump out of a three story window than protect you and your stuff from a stranger. They are shy if you don’t socialize them and have an exposure limit of only a few hours before they have to rest up. They can live for over 20 years and you cannot just leave them in a boarding kennel if you go on vacation. You either take them with or don’t go. You design your life around them and do everything you can with them, otherwise things go bad for you and the Wolf-Dog quickly.

.:Amber Set In Gray:. by Shortwinger

WindInTheCoffeeCup How big do these dogs get?
Shortwinger  Typically they max out around 80-95 pounds and 26 inches at the shoulder for the males who are larger, so the typical size for your average Grey Wolf. However, each dog is different, some are tiny in comparison, some are huge.

WindInTheCoffeeCup How do people go about breeding Wolfdogs? Wolf to dog?
Shortwinger  We started out Wolf to Dog, now its Wolf-Dog to Wolf-Dog. This is because we have been specially breeding them for several decades now and if we were to just breed them Wolf to Dog, we would be destroying all that hard work to get them to have the wolf look, but the dog temperament

Wolf Ambassadors Damu and Cael by Shortwinger

WindInTheCoffeeCup What are the differences between "high content" and "low content" Wolfdogs?
Shortwinger  High Contents are mostly Wolf while Low Contents are mostly Dog. Depending on your animal they may act more like a Wolf or more like a Dog, just depends on your dog’s personality! Typically, the High Contents are really difficult to keep contained. From a stand still these guys can jump over an eight foot fence and not scrape their belly, if they miss, they’ll just climb. Low contents, as previously mentioned, act more like dogs and will be easily contained with a high fence, dig guards, and regular containment inspections and lot’s of mental stimulation to keep them occupied.

Cael 72 by Shortwinger

WindInTheCoffeeCup What's your favorite part about educating people about Wolfdogs?
Shortwinger I love educating on topics I love, with Wolf-Dogs, I love knowing that they are most likely are going to go home and have a new love for these beautiful creatures and know the truth about them. (Plus, now they can beat anyone in animal trivia when it comes around to wolves!)

Revy and Damu 5 by Shortwinger

WindInTheCoffeeCup What's the strangest question anyone has ever asked you about them?
Shortwinger  I get “Are they huskies?” a lot, I understand most can’t tell them apart, but honestly, does he really look like a husky? They’d both be pretty big huskies if that was the case! Another one I get is people asking if Cael is a girl, just you wait, when he’s 30% larger than Damu it’ll flip!

Cael 82 by Shortwinger

WindInTheCoffeeCup What are some of the reactions of people when they see your Wolfdogs?
Shortwinger Well, the most common is people will shy away because they think the head collars are muzzles. (We use them because they pull and a flat collar can cause permanent damage.) Another one is people will be to up in their face and scare them. Yet another is they’ll walk by muttering about how weird it is to bring “wolves” out into public.

WindInTheCoffeeCup Do they howl like wolves?
Shortwinger  Yes! Damu is usually to excited to let out a single note and hold it and ends up sounding like he’s yodeling, but Cael can hold out one long deep note. They howl louder and more often than Northern Breeds. I’ve heard even a microwave ding can set them off into a half hour’s worth of howling!

Damu 33 by Shortwinger

WindInTheCoffeeCup Do you feed them a special kind of dog food? Something really high in protein?
Shortwinger Damu and Cael are fed a raw food diet. Whole rabbits with the skin on, chicken, turkey, etc. as well as assorted fruits and vegetables. As we get on into Summer they’ll be given Frozen Watermelons to help them cool down and offer some mental stimulation. Dog Kibble just goes straight through them and makes them sick because they're so much like wolves.

Hullo by Shortwinger

Mouselemur Which part of the Wolfdogs you work with makes them special and stand out opposed to other Wolfdogs, wolves or dogs?
Shortwinger Well, they were the first ones I met, their owner is ridiculously nice and is so helpful to me, and I don’t know what would have happened to me without them. When I met them I was struggling with the loss of the house I grew up in and the separation of my parents and everything else that went along with that. Fighting, and arguing, and depression, and anxiety. I stopped going outside as much, started to give up on everything. Then I met Damu and Cael, and they flipped everything upside down for me. Now I can do things again and I’m not sad really anymore. They honestly saved my life, that’s while their special to me. :heart:

Damu and Cael Can Share! by Shortwinger

WindInTheCoffeeCup Do they shed a lot?
Shortwinger  Yes! They shed once a year and all that soft fluffy undercoat comes right out for a couple of months. Currently its shedding season, and we just keep pulling fur off of them! Cael especially because he’s shedding his puppy fur right now as well as his undercoat.

Mouselemur Are you ever afraid people will think actual wolves won't be needed to be preserved anymore now that there are Wolfdogs?
Shortwinger No, what I’m afraid of is the people who think Wolf-Dogs are wolves, because they can do crazy stuff then. You have opposites ends of the scale if that happens,the people who will try their hardest to release them and those who try their hardest to kill them. The problem with Wolves right now is that people still think the “Big Bad Wolf” myths are true, that they are mindless killers who will kill you the minute you turn your back. I can tell you a few things. First, I’ve interacted with a pure wolf, not once did she attempt to hurt me, at all. The worst she did, was lay down on my foot and roll onto her back begging for belly rubs. Second, you know how many people have been killed by wolves in the last hundred years? Two. And those deaths were caused by lone wolves starving to death, and stupid people. Lastly, if you think that wolves are still mindless killers, your dog is a descendant of them. Doesn’t matter how badly you try and push the thought away, your dog is more closely related to the wolf than anything else. These animals need to be preserved in the wild, while I love being with Wolves, they need to be in the wild. Wolf-Dogs are now bred Wolf-Dog to Wolf-Dog, one of the reasons why is so we don’t have to use wolves any more so they can be free in the forests where they belong.

WindInTheCoffeeCup You also work with Orange County Bird of Prey Center. What kind of birds do you work with?
Shortwinger I work with Raptors ranging from tiny American Kestrels to huge Turkey Vultures and Golden Eagles.

Carly and WrongWay 12 by Shortwinger

Mouselemur Why did you choose to become a falconer?
Shortwinger I just fell in love with the sport. There isn’t much else to it! I love the birds and the idea of hunting with one (Or several :D) and watching.

Hank 3 by Shortwinger

Mouselemur Are there any benefits to working with birds of prey compared to other birds?
Shortwinger Lot’s! You get that reward of working with them until they do the behavior correctly, whether you’re getting them to hop to the fist or getting them to fly back to you for hundreds of yards away.

WindInTheCoffeeCup What's your favorite thing about the birds you work with?
Shortwinger Being able to be so close to them and just be able to admire their beauty and the fact that I am that close to an Apex Predator most don’t see their whole lives.

WrongWay 5 by Shortwinger

WindInTheCoffeeCup What you love most about birds of prey?
Shortwinger I honestly have never been able to find a good answer for that. They’re just, majestic, gentle, amazing predators. What’s not to love?
Minion 5 by Shortwinger

All of at PetPicks and AnimalsofTheWorld would like to thank both Shortwinger and InaWolfsimage for taking the time to do these interviews. We all really appreciate it.
For more information on Wolf Totem Ambassadors and Orange County Bird of Prey Center and how you get get involved please check out their websites:…

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